Mystery Square Diamond Painting and Pen- Full Drill Square- 30 CM by 40 CM

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Mystery Diamond Painting and Pen- Full Drill Square- 30 CM by 40 CM

Comes with

  • Mystery canvas 30 CM by 40 CM
  • square diamonds 
  • diamond painting pen with grip
  • plastic tray
  • Macaroon with wax 


What is it?

One mystery diamond painting kit! The part where the picture normally goes is a ? Mark. The canvas is white with symbols on it. You will have no idea what the painting is until you are done. 


  • A mystery kit is a diamond painting that has a colorless canvas. The canvas is white with only letters and numbers that correspond to your drills. You won’t know what the finished picture is until you have completed the diamond painting.
  • Regular Pen and Cookie Wax--The kit includes a diamond painting pen and a Macaron wax jar, making it easier to get started. Both are sent in random color.
  • Resin Diamonds--Comes with 2nd generation resin diamonds which is specially for diamond paintings, making the facets stunning sparkling, reflecting the light more beautifully.
  • High Quality Canvas--The fabric canvas is waterproof, detailed printed with texture. The film cover helps to better hold the gems in place, making it more long-lasting.
  • DIY Your Own Masterpiece--Create this gorgeous sparkling work with your lovers or children without knowing what it is like until it is completed. Drilling a diamond cross stich is a new way to experience sense of achievement, reducing stress and enlivening family atmosphere.