Diamond Painting Dog Clothes

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Diamond Painting Dog Clothes


Small: 10 CM neck, 7 CM arm holes, belly hole 17 cm across, length 24 CM for dogs 3.30 Lbs. to 4.40 Lbs. 

Medium: 10.5 CM neck, 7.5 CM arm holes, belly hole 18 cm across, length 28 CM for dogs 5.51 Lbs. to 7.71 Lbs. 

Large: 13 CM neck, 9 CM arm holes, belly hole 19 cm across, length 34 CM for 7.71 lbs to 9.92 lbs. 

You can use these as dog clothes, clothes for stuffed animals, or dolls also. 


  • shirt
  • diamonds 
  • tool kit (pen wax and plastic tray)