Diamond Painting Photobook

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Diamond Painting Photo Album

Collect, compile and preserve your photo memories in these unique pieces of Diamond Art!

Introducing the Diamond Painting Photo Album

These Photo Albums are durable and can store up to 15 photos sized 150 mm x 90 mm or 5.91 in. x 2.5 in. each. If you have smaller photos, you can compile them as a mini collage on each page.

Create a collection of memories and present them to a friend or loved one, a gift with so much meaning as you're taking the time to create something beautiful that will be cherished. Your friends will love their photo album for the memories inside and your beautiful Diamond Painting handiwork on the cover. 

These Diamond Painting Photo Albums come in several designs each featuring encrusted, bedazzling rhinestones... get your creativity flowing with the DP Photo Album.


  • WONDERFUL DESIGNS¬†-¬†Each of the photo albums have been designed with a unique and beautiful design on their covers. Each represents an emotion, scenery or flowers!¬†
  • 4¬†BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS -¬†You can choose¬†from¬†4 different designs for your photo album, or just collect them all and create your sparkling photo album collection!
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTS¬†- These Diamond Painting Photo Albums are the perfect gift for anyone or to yourself. Crafting a gift is satisfying and allows you to share your passion with others!¬†
     -  Photo Album Kraft Paper (185x130mm - 7.29x5.12in)   
     -  Photo max size: 150x90mm - 5.91x2.55in
     -  Leather Band
     -  Diamond Painting Tool Kit
     -  Required Diamonds