Rainbow Leopard 30 by 40 cm- round full drill.

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Rainbow Leopard 3 by 40 cm- round full drill.


  • Product Size: Canvas size 12 x 16 inch.Painting area size 9.85 x 13.8 inch.
  • Package includes: Canvas, Diamonds, Tools.


  • Creating your own art is ecstatic and entertaining, diamond painting kits are fun and easy to paint.
  • Meet your favorite hobby, let your mind wander and feel the stress just melt away as you Paint With Diamonds.
  • Experience a sense of achievement, enhance self-confidence and most importantly enjoy your free time.


  • Open the package and check the diamond draw special tools.
  • View the diamond color, arranged in order of coding.
  • Apply a proper amount of diamond adhesive to the pen, stick the corresponding diamond.
  • According to the corresponding color code stick the diamond onto the corresponding canvas.


Note:* The frame is not included.* If you do not received enough drills, please contact us for extra drills

Please Keep it out of reach of infants and small children.They are not suitable children whose ages are under 6.